Exhibits, Maps & Schematics

For a detailed look at the current build alternative, please download the draft schematic. This design is a draft and subject to change.

The exhibits from the Public Hearing and the Open House are avialable for download on the Public Meetings page.

Corridor Illustrated Map

The 183A Phase III Project Team has also designed the following map outlining the corridor.

Mouse over image to zoom in. Use scroll to zoom in and out. Click to open in a new window.

Neighborhood Access Illustrated Maps

The neighborhood map series shows the north and southbound 183A Toll access points for communities along the 183A Phase III corridor. Access to the frontage roads will not change.

High Gabriel Access

Summerlyn Access

Grayson Access

Bryson Access

What is a “No Build” or “Do Nothing” Alternative?

A No-Build Alternative assumes that the tollway would not be built. Although the No-Build Alternative does not meet the Purpose and Need of the project, it served as a baseline for comparison with the Build Alternative. During the Environmental Assessment, the Build Alternative would have had to have significant environmental impacts to outweigh the No-Build Alternative’s inability to meet the Purpose and Need before the No-Build Alternative could have been selected as the Preferred Alternative.